Ljubljana, 1. 3. 2024

Preventivno povlačenje proizvoda tržište Srbije

Kupce i potrošače na tržištu Srbije obaveštavamo da je proizvod prirodna mineralna voda Donat Mg, 1 L, s oznakom 15. 11. 24 (s rokom upotrebe najmanje do 15. 11. 2024.) organoleptički promenjen, što potrošač može da primeti.

U skladu s visokim standardima kvaliteta kompanije, uprkos činjenici da proizvod nije  štetan za zdravlje, odlučili smo da preventivno povučemo celu seriju proizvoda s tržišta. Proizvod nije štetan za zdravlje.

Potrošači koji su kupili proizvod mogu ga vratiti sa računom na prodajno mesto kupovine, gde mogu, da dobiju zamenski proizvod.

Srbija: Za više informacija na dostupni smo na [email protected] ili broju telefona 0800 200 003.

Withdrawal of product as a precautionary measure

We inform consumers and customers in the market of Serbia that the product natural mineral water Donat Mg, 1 L, labeled with 15. 11. 24 (with a minimum expiration date of 15. 11. 2024 has undergone organoleptic changes, which consumers may notice. In accordance with the company’s high quality standards, despite the fact that the product is not harmful to health, we have decided to proactively withdraw the entire product batch from the market. 

Consumers who have purchased the product can return it with the receipt to the place of purchase, where they can receive a replacement product.

Serbia: For more information, we are available at [email protected] or by phone at 0800 200 003.

Silver and Bronze Effie Awards

November 12, 2023

Our commitment to efficiency continues to be the core of everything we undertake. At the Effie Awards Slovenia 2023 ceremony, our Donat Guided Health Program was honored with prestigious awards:

  • A Silver Effie Award in the Corporate Reputation and Sustainability category.
  • A Bronze Effie Award in the Beverages category.

Special recognition from the student jury affirms our commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle and sustainable, efficient business practices among the younger intellectual community.

These awards underscore our mission to merge innovation with sustainability. We are proud to be acknowledged for our endeavors to effect positive change and make a meaningful impact on lives.

Education for the Internal Audience

October 20, 2023

We are delighted to announce that in 2023, we organized six internal educational events across two markets, exploring the intriguing link between stress and digestion.

Did you know? Scientific research has shown that managing stress with diet can significantly influence the strength of the digestive system!

Let’s prioritize well-being, broaden our understanding, and raise a toast to another 115 years of promoting digestive health!