For a healthy future.

Donat is a completely natural mineral water and has been clinically proven to support digestion and well-being in a natural way. As guardians of this unique natural mineral water, we are committed to acting responsibly. By our actions, we express gratitude and ensure that Donat remains available for generations.


In October, we are presenting a tethered cap with which we will contribute to reducing environmental pollution caused by plastic.

Pillars of Sustainable Management

In 2021, we made long-term commitments to sustainable development in four key pillars: people, products, environment, and management.


We educate people about healthy habits, take care of our employees, and train healthcare professionals.

Raising awareness about the importance of digestion

We raise awareness about the importance of regular digestion and educate people about healthy habits.

Healthcare professionals

We inform healthcare professionals about new scientific insights in the field of digestive health.

Respect for employees

We provide equal opportunities, personal and professional growth, and we respect human rights.

Our achievements in the field of caring for people in the year 2022.


We introduced the fourth edition of the Donat Vital health program, aimed at adopting healthy lifestyle habits, maintaining body vitality, and improving digestive health.


We have already assisted 185,000 registered users of our guided health programs in 6 countries in adopting healthy lifestyles.


For the third consecutive year, we organized a professional webinar for the medical community, during which we shared knowledge about new insights in the field of digestive health.


In the development of our products, we ensure they are in harmony with nature.


We reduce material consumption and use recyclable materials.


We develop products and services that influence digestive health and are natural.

Our achievements in the field of product development in the year 2022.


In 2022, we kept our entire portfolio in packaging made from recycled plastic: bottles made of 100% rPET and transportation packaging made of 50% recycled plastic.


By using recycled plastic in our bottles, we gave new life to a staggering 992 tons of previously used bottles. Can you imagine how much that is? It’s roughly the weight of about 200 elephants.


By using 50% recycled plastic (the maximum that the current technology of our foil supplier allows) for our transport protection film, we also gave new life to 31,209 kilograms of plastic waste. That’s roughly the weight of about 10 cars.


We continue to reduce the quantity of material in packaging where possible. In 2021, we reduced the size of labels on one-liter bottles by 12%, and in 2022, we decreased the weight of bottle caps by 12%.


We care for the environment by protecting water resources, reducing our carbon footprint, minimizing water and energy consumption, and collaborating with the local community.

Natural source

We protect the water source and only collect as much Donat as there is natural replenishment.

Carbon footprint

We are actively working on reducing our carbon footprint.

Water and energy

We optimize processes and reduce water and energy consumption in the bottling facility.

Local community

We are closely connected with the local community and participate in development projects in Rogaška Slatina.

Our achievements in the field of environmental care in the year 2022.


In 2022, we also ensured that Donat is available for generations by collecting it in limited quantities.


We reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 1,964.33 tons by changing Donat’s packaging from virgin PET to rPET.


In brand management, we prioritize transparency, ethical business practices, and our impact on sustainable development.


Our management is based on complete transparency and compliance with the law.

Healthy business activity

We preserve the water source and focus only on adding value, not increasing quantity.


We influence the improvement of sustainable development practices and standards.

Our Sustainability Report

As a brand with a 115-year tradition, Donat sets high standards for sustainable development. You can read more about our sustainability goals, results, and long-term commitments in our sustainability report.