Donat and Weight Loss


Modern lifestyle can have damaging effects on the human body. The demands of our environment put an increasing physical and mental strain on us. This results in frequent digestive discomfort, abdominal pain, anxiety, tension, concern, irritability, insomnia, and other symptoms of stress, which are compounded by weight gain.

Obesity epidemics

One of the biggest public health problems of the 21st century worldwide is obesity. According to the World Health Organization, obesity has globally tripled since 1975 and it is a growing threat to health. Obesity is reaching the proportions of a global epidemic. The main causes of being overweight are:
– Immoderate and unbalanced diet
– lack of physical activity,
– stress,
– alcohol and
– taking certain medications.

On the other hand, the amount and composition of the ingested food affect the formation and secretion of digestive hormones, thus regulating digestive functions and appetite. The presence of food in the digestive tract sends signals to the brain through various mechanisms and thus participates in the regulation of appetite and satiety. Diabetics and obese people often have a disorder in the secretion of digestive hormones.

Donat can also help us lose weight!

Donat Natural mineral water can greatly help us in the effort to change our lifestyle. Donat significantly supports the processes of ridding the body of harmful substances.

First of all, Donat is a natural osmotic laxative. This is very useful at the beginning of weight loss since it cleanses the body of residual waste products. The sulfate salts magnesium sulfate and sodium sulfate are responsible for its laxative effect. The latter binds water from the cells of the intestinal wall and thus increases the volume of the intestinal contents. You can find out more about Donat’s composition and its beneficial effect on this link!

In addition to stimulating digestion, sulfate salts also participate in very complex mechanisms of appetite regulation by stimulating the secretion of the hormone cholecystokinin. The digestive system is the largest endocrine organ (hormone secretor) that participates in the regulation of appetite. Considering the way they act on appetite, digestive hormones can be divided into stimulators and suppressors, i.e., appetite inhibitors. Cholecystokinin is one of the appetite suppressants.

Appetite regulation is a highly complex process. It involves the brain and its neurotransmitters, stomach, intestines and gastrointestinal hormones, the liver and its metabolic functions, fat tissue, endocrine hormones, as well as the quantity and composition of consumed food. Gastrointestinal hormones play a central role in triggering the sensations of hunger and satiety.

Start with Donat!

There are many factors that we cannot influence, but nutrition is one factor that we can change. As sulfate salts, especially magnesium sulfate, stimulate not only digestion but also the secretion of cholecystokinin, which inhibits appetite, Donat can be a great help to anyone who wants to rid the body of waste materials and undigested food residues and regulate their body weight. Along with Donat, a healthy and balanced diet is always recommended.

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the main causes of being overweight?

The main culprits of gaining weight are physical inactivity, a busy lifestyle, stress, alcohol, taking certain medications, and an irregular, immoderate and imbalanced diet.

2. Can Donat help in losing weight?

Donat can be very useful in fighting extra kilograms since it accelerates digestion, rids the body of waste material, and helps in the suppression of appetite.

3. How can Donat help us lose weight?

Donat is a natural osmotic laxative that is especially useful in the beginning phase of losing weight since it helps the body get rid of waste material and at the same time stimulates the secretion of cholecystokinin hormone which inhibits appetite.

4. How can we effectively lose weight?

Along with Donat, experts primarily recommend a healthy and balanced diet and regular physical activity.

5. How to drink Donat to lose weight?

At the beginning of a weight loss journey, it is crucial to cleanse the body of digestive substances by accelerating digestion. For faster digestion, drink 0,2 to 0,3 liter of Donat in the morning on an empty stomach, and another 0,2 l before dinner. Donat should be at room temperature, and it has to be drunk fast

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